Blog: May to August 2017 – Brief Update, but with Links in Bold

I’m well into my new novel (WATER MUST FALL, 50K+) and, along with a number of other projects, have admittedly been scarce here recently. A couple of my academic papers have been published, though. One, at the South African Journal of Psychology, on Addressing Whiteness during Clinical Psychology training.

The other, on one of my own chronic illnesses CP/CPPS in the British Journal of Health Psychology, a stigmatised illness that needs to shred its stigma. TBR here.

If you’re interested in reading these and don’t have access, drop me a line!

Geoff Ryman has edited an issue of The Manchester Review (18), which gives you access to 21 x 2 = FORTY-TWO African SFF stories – read, and rediscover The Meaning of Life!

Less than three weeks time I will be in Cape Town, then Durban for the 1st ever Pan African Psychology Conference and then Cape Town again. Fascinating final programme here.

In the meantime, why not listen to a song more beautiful and relevant than ever, Mama Africa and ‘A Luta Continua’ (1980):The Struggle Continues…

Nick Wood August 2017