Nick Wood – 12 January 2010

Further to my previous health-related post, my health issues are relatively minor - for real courage in maintaining creativity in the face of adversity and disability, please see the Attitude Awards from New Zealand TV, which celebrate the achievements of disabled New Zealanders and includes a focus on New Zealand spec-fic author Glynne MacLean: Fuller introductions of all the finalists and an explanation of the Attitude Awards can be found in the half hour Attitude Awards Finalists show.

Just to note by way of update, the cover for Lauren Beukes's new book Zoo City has been released - and both gorgeous and African it is too. If you could 'judge a book by its cover', it looks like a book that will no doubt top even Moxyland. (cover)

Further, an update on what I've read while on holiday with family in Cape Town recently - firstly, Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods - a beautifully written story with science-fiction tropes. On occasion the narrative was ruptured for me by unconvincing scenes such as the interstellar space travel, but perhaps I'm being too literal with what is probably metaphorical usage of standard SF tropes. Secondly, Tom Arden's first book in his Orokon series, The Harlequin's Dance, which is a clever and at times dark fantasy set in a detailed and well-imagined Universe - with perhaps some similarities to eighteenth century England? I have the second book in his series on order.

Finally, if you're looking for more African writing, you can look at online sources such as ; Story Time Africa, and African Writing Online

And, in the interests of widening diversity even further, why not look at stories for the deaf? Signed Stories has picked up a number of awards

Zoo City Cover

Nick Wood - Jan 12 2010