Nick Wood - Academic Publications

  • Wood, N. & Dockrell. (June 2010) An Overview Of Psychological Assessment Procedures For Assessing Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing Children. Educational & Child Psychology Vol. 27 No. 2. British Psychological Society.

  • Lund, C., Kajee, A., & Wood, N. (in press) Clinical Psychology Training in South Africa. Clinical Psychology Forum, British Psychological Society.

  • Wood, N. (2009) "Right and Wrong Stuff: Psychological Factors in Space Flight:" Escape Velocity 4; 2009.
    To read a copy of this article click here.

  • Wood, N. (2002) Cognitive and Linguistic Profiles of Hearing Impaired Children. Unpublished Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation. University of London.

  • Wood, N. (2006) "Apartheid, Racism and Therapy" (under submission).

  • Wood, N. & Dockrell, J. (2000) "Cognitive Assessment of Deaf Children." Current Research in Language and Communication Science. City University, London, pp. 144-152.

  • Wood, N., Berg, A., Hector, K., Jhetam, N., Moolman, S., Name, N., Niewenhuys, R., Safodien, H., & Schudel, A. (1995). "Service Delivery aspects of a Child and Family Unit." Southern African Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 7(1) , pp. 46-53.

  • Wood, N. (1992). "In-patient Profile of Substance-Abusers: Lentegeur Hospital, Cape Town." Audit Project published by Dept. of Health, South Africa.

  • Wood, N. & Wassenaar, D.W. (1989). "Familial aspects of Indian parasuicides." South African Journal of Psychology, 19, pp. 172-184.

Nick Wood - Published Articles

  • "A Review of Cory Doctorow's 'Little Brother'. " Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction; vol. 105, 2010.
  • "The Joy Of Craig - An Arvon Writing Course", Focus (British Science Fiction Association's Magazine For Writers), 2007
  • "The Search For South African Science Fiction", Vector 147, 2006
  • "Sf Writing Workshop Held At Oscar Mpetha High", Probe Issue 127, 2005
  • "ConReport Back Utopiale 2003", Probe Issue 125, 2004

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