Nick Wood - Science Fiction in South Africa

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Part 1. A Personal Introduction
A personal introduction to my exposure to SF in SA (July 2005).

Part 2 - African SF?
A brief overview of SF within the African context (September 2005).

Part 3 - South African SF - i.e. Speculative Fiction, not just Science
A commentary on Professor Deirdre Byrne's articles on South African science fiction (July 2006).

Part 4 - A Rare (South African) Fantasy
Tanya Barben's view on Timlin's The Ship That Sailed To Mars. (August 2007).

Part 5 - Some Thoughts On South African Science Fiction
Reprinted [With Permission] from Vector (2006) - (September 2007).

Part 6 - Science Fiction in Southern Africa by Gail Jamieson
Gail Jamieson's article from Probe 134 (2007) Reprinted [With Permission] January 2008).

Part 7 - Science Fiction in Southern Africa by Ingrid Johnston
African Novels in Canadian Schools - Access, Reception and Cultural Mediation. Reprinted [With Permission] from Bookbird: A Journal of International Children's Literature, 44, (1), 2006, pp. 20-27.

Part 8 - Insider versus Outsider Fiction?
A review of Resnick and Dozois' Future Earths: Under African Skies and Chimurenga.

Part 9 - Doris Lessing (Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe) (August 2009)
by Adam Roberts

An appreciation of Doris Lessing, ex-Rhodesian/Zimbabwean writer, reprinted with kind permission by SF author and academic Adam Roberts.

Part 10 - South African Speculative Fiction Over The Ages (December 2009) by Nick Wood
A socio-historical overview of the development of South African speculative fiction.

Part 11 - Our Ancestors Are Not Ghosts (December 2010) by Nick Wood
On judging stories from their roots and not from Eurocentric distances.

Part 12 - Lauren Beukes wins Arthur C. Clarke Award (May 2011) by Nick Wood
A Brief appreciation of Zoo City c/f Locus Online.

Science Fiction Club of South Africa

The club website is well worth having a look through:

And for any readers who are interested in the Science Fiction Club of South Africa's magazine, Gail as editor has given me permission to upload the latest issue of Probe (number 134) as a freebie sample. Thanks Gail! Please note it is a very large file 1.2 megabytes and if you are not on a broadband connection may take some time to download. To download click here. Further copies are available on my downloads page.

South African Student Writing

A writing workshop was held at Oscar Mpetha High School in Phillip, Cape Town, on 27th July and 3rd August 2004. This was held under the auspices of the South African Environment Project (SAEP). To read the full article click here

To read 'The Drama of School and Home' click here.

I have received two stories from 'learners' (students) from Sinethemba High School and have uploaded the one, which ends with a wonderful poem. The author, Sinethemba, writes with English as his second or even possibly his third language, and gives some interesting ideas in his story. Although there is some uncertainty about the viewpoint character, I think it was well written overall. It is entitled: Diamond in the Dirt and Blind South Africa. To read Diamond in the Dirt and Blind South Africa click here.

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