Blog – January to April 2015

I’m sorry for the long delay in getting to this post, but a new job and poor health has meant getting down to anything, apart from managing work and pain, has been hard. Still, over Easter I’ve been adjusting to new pain meds which I hope will eventually help, along with Pain Clinic attendance at University College London Hospital.

Mostly link news then. Firstly, for a neat and growing list of (mostly) complete South African SF (in its broadest sense), go to Cat Hellisen’s site.

Secondly, kudos to Omenana Magazine for the launch of its second issue,  which includes more great African speculative fiction, as well as my article on ‘Academia and the Rise of African SF’. Thirdly, a further site well worth visiting and engaging with is ‘where ghosts dwell, where beautifully allusive (blog?) ‘entries (are) part of a time traveler’s log, scraps found by alien archeologists or intermittent transmissions from places invisible to the human eye? You decide. ’

Fourthly, SSDA (Short Story Day Africa) have launched their expansive and impressive African SF anthology, ‘Terra Incognita‘! Fifthly, my story ‘Azania‘ from AfroSF has been republished in an anthology of immigration themed SF, entitled ‘How to Live On Other Planets‘.

Finally, great news from Geoff Ryman, who has won a Leverhulme International Academic Fellowship to teach and further the development of African SF. Geoff will be attending the University of Cape Town (UCT) during 2016 I believe, but also traveling across Africa to make links to foster African SF. Go Geoff!!

Nick Wood

April 2015