Blog: June to September 2016

Just back from WorldCon in Kansas City where I was on a good number of panels, including giving a first reading from AZANIAN BRIDGES

I also delivered a well-received workshop on Managing Anxiety and spoke on South African Science Fiction.

Big news of this period though is the launch of the African Speculative Fiction Society, with the parallel announcement of the Nommo Awards, for Best African SF. Chinelo Onwualu from Nigeria is the Chief Spokesperson – and Geoff Ryman (more on Geoff later) has been key as ever to helping drive this great initiative.

Other news in brief: I’ve resold ‘Thirstlands’ to Sunvault: Anthology of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation.

The Girl Who Called the World’ has just been released in the excellent anthology ‘The Museum of All Things Awesome and That Go Boom’.

Upcoming of note: Tade Thompson’s ROSEWATER. I hope to post a review of this novel in my next SF in SA (28) in the coming months. (Great cover – see here). Tade is starting to make BIG waves within SFF!

Finally, coming back to Geoff (Ryman) – he has started a wonderful series on ‘100 African Writers of SFF’ at Tor

Onwards and ever upward, African SFF!

September 2016