Nick Wood – September 2005

Hi there! I have uploaded Part 2 of my personal take on speculative fiction in Africa. A spartan piece it is too, so I would welcome any additions to my admittedly limited knowledge in the area. I do hope you enjoy the personal take on the subject though, and let me know if there are any glaring omissions or inaccuracies!

I have currently finished reading Richard Kunzmann's 'Bloody Harvests' – a fast and gripping read in the area of crime and traditional African belief and the struggle towards the fusion of Western and African perspectives. I do hope someone makes a film of it!

I have also moved on to Postscripts 4 – 3 had a raft of good stories in it, not only the lead as mentioned previously. My other favourites were 'Best New Horror' by Joe Hill; 'Curious Green Colours Sleep Furiously' by Stephen Volk, and 'black and green and gold' by David Herter. Good value for money, with a number of other solid stories, including a conceptually intriguing one by Gene Wolfe.

In my latest update on SF in SA I have also noted a website dedicated to expanding the global awareness of speculative fiction, set up by Lavie Tidhar. Please support this important venture! Any and all mistakes in my updated article are shamefully mine…Happy reading.

Nick Wood, September 2005.