WATER MUST FALL Launch (April 2020)

WATER MUST FALL launches this week – it was supposed to launch at the now cancelled Concentric, i.e. Eastercon 2020, but Covid-19 has had other (much more tragic) ideas for global humanity – these are tough and very sad times for so many! For psychological perspectives on the virus, you can visit The Psychologist Magazine (UK) or, if in South Africa, PsySSA have a response here.

As for WATER MUST FALL, the now virtual launch is taking place here, alongside other fine books worthy of your attention. Look through, sample, and enjoy! Today (April 7th) is World Health Day – to your health and happiness, in unsafe times.

At the NewCon Press launch site, you can watch me reading the opening of WATER MUST FALL. (I’m generally wooden with fear, in front of a camera, but I do me best.)

As emerges clearly in WATER MUST FALL, this world is an unequal place, so this virus will impact on the most disadvantaged, the hardest off all. To all of those struggling to make this world a safer place for everyone, this reading is dedicated – heroes indeed, *salute!* Here’s to survival and the creation of a kinder, more equitable, carbon light and communal world. We write and read, to make our dreams real.

Nick Wood, April 2020.