Blog: OUR BROKEN WORLD (July 2021)

Since my last Blog, I have three presentations that may be of interest.

Many of us live in Broken Bodies, in a Broken World.

One way I found to manage my own Broken Body, was to get involved with health professionals and patients working within the area, i.e. pelvic pain. I published a few articles; and then got invited by Pelvic Pain Matters to present on How to Manage This (no easy solutions, unfortunately.) For anyone interested on managing chronic health condition (and perhaps even pelvic pain in particular) you can have a look here.

Publisher Luna Press interviewed me for my short story collection LEARNING MONKEY AND CROCODILE here. (Yes, I know, I have Covid lock-down hair.)

Finally, I presented at the behest of the Psychology of South Africa’s (PsySSA) Climate and Environment Psychology group (CEP). The topic? Writing fiction to tackle climate change: i.e. WRITING STORIES TO CHANGE THE WORLD. The presentation can be viewed here, and it includes an inspiring contribution from Faeza Meyer, founder member of the African Water Commons Collective (AWCC).  I have attached slides FYI too, as there was a technical hitch halfway through and no one got to see the outstanding cover Vincent Sammy did for WATER MUST FALL. A picture to represent our Broken World indeed, but with a woman emerging from the Earth to heal.

Women are our best and brightest hope for change – let’s do what we can daily to lift their voices and participation in our society, wherever we may live. And to Halting Damage/Earth Trauma and Healing, in these times of broken bodies within a Breaking Earth.

And what heals and soothes better than WATER?

May Water Fall!

Water is Life. Water For Life.

Nick Wood