Blog: Climate Justice, Disability and African SF (September 2022)

Apologies for being ostensibly absent for a while – I have been disabled (and am now partly deaf) from the ongoing march of right sided Meniere’s Disease. Added to this, the world is in a dystopian hole right now, but there are glimmerings of hope. I have published several articles that may be of interest. Riffing off the issue of Climate Justice and Growing Global Inequalities, I have an Open Access article in the special climate issue of Psychology in Society with water activist Faeza Meyer here.

And, on the issue of climate, I have some recent recommendations for the Five Best Books on African Climate Change SF here. Also of note, my short story A Pall of Moondust (Omenana 2021) has been republished in THE BEST OF BRITISH SCIENCE FICTION 2021, see here. Additionally, from the US, in THE YEAR’S TOP TALES OF SPACE AND TIME 2, see here.

Glimmerings of hope? From all of those/us at the vanguard of pushing for better futures for all, including our fragile, living planet. Onwards, stewards of the Earth – let us reclaim our emerging futures…

Nick Wood: September 2022

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