Nick Wood – August 2009

This is a brief update to mention that I've uploaded my story Thirstlands onto this website (click here) so that it is freely available for all to read, now that it is a year since it has been published in Subterfuge. In addition, in the spirit of the 40th Apollo 11 Moon-landing anniversary, I have made my article on Right and Wrong Stuff: Psychological Factors in Space Flight available to be read too - click here. Please also have a look and buy the magazine it was published in - cheaply available as a download or else through Amazon as a hard-copy publication. The magazine is Escape Velocity 4 and is a good mixture of science fiction and fact; available at:

I am also looking forward to the appearance of the South African science fiction Film District 9; the accents on the brief trailer clip I've heard sound authentic, so I'm hoping it's all local actors who are involved and that local communities benefit somehow too! Till next month.

Nick Wood - Aug 2009