Nick Wood – May/June 2010

Lauren Beukes' Zoo City has been released and a glorious follow-up to Moxyland it is too! For my money it's an even stronger, more focused and powerful book. It has a great premise involving both a blurred integration of science and traditional African beliefs, as well as a fantastical and metaphorical link between human and beast. It's narrated by a wonderful central character; who seems to be faithfully represented in the gorgeous cover picture!

Just a couple of other items to report on - firstly, I have a poem published on Ken Macleod's Human Genre Project entitled 'Fragile X': Secondly, the TOC of PostScripts 22/23 has been released, which includes my story 'Of Hearts and Monkeys':

Finally, I went to see the film Invictus, which has the two South African leads played by American actors Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman - both excellent actors, especially Freeman - but South Africa has great actors too. I would have loved to see John Kani play Madiba(Mandela). For an inspiring article by Kani, read Will the real South African man please stand up:

I am not sure when I will next update this blog as my chronic health problems are being extensively evaluated over the next month or so, but I hope to return soon. In the meantime, may your paths be fruitful, healthy and happy!

Nick Wood - May/June 2010