Nick Wood – January/February 2012

It's been a good holiday in Cape Town again - always great to see family and friends! I have added another section to SF in SA (14), an interview I did with the author Tom Learmont, for The World SF Blog.

Of further note, Ivor Hartmann has put out a call for African science fiction, that is, science fiction written by African writers. Submissions can be made here: They also have a Facebook page for ongoing posts. So please submit a story (by the end of May this year) if you can, and raise the profile of truly African SF.

This is a short blog, as I am exhausted after completing the first draft of an alternative history SF novel, required by the MA in SF/F course I'm doing through Middlesex University. The book looks at how a prototypic 'mind-reading' device may impact within a South Africa where apartheid remains, as acted out between the main protagonists, a white therapist and a black patient, who goes on the run. It's provisionally entitled Azanian Bridges and builds on Bridges, which was published in 2011 in the Irish SF 'zine Albedo One.In the meantime, may 2012 be a great year for you all!

Nick Wood - January/February 2012.