Nick Wood – Sep/Oct 2012

Blog - September/October 2012

AfroSF will be launching as the first ever African (writers) of Science Fiction anthology in early December this year: . The anthology is impressively headed by World Fantasy Award winner Nnedi Okorafor, with her story Moom!. Copy and paste the link to Afro SF here:

Dave-Brendon de Burgh, a contributor to the anthology with his story Angel Song, has started a rolling series of blogs and interviews with other contributors, with an excellent opener in his interview with Zimbabwean writer and editor of the anthology Ivor Hartmann.

The International Conference in Psychology in Cape Town during July was well attended, with several thousand psychologists from all over the world. Our symposium on peace and violence within central and West Africa was particularly well attended, with many attendees standing at the back of the room and some unfortunately not able to get in. What was disappointing for us (David Winter and Nick Wood) is that funding seemed unavailable for our black African research colleagues as well as Helen Liebling, who was lead author on two papers -- and who had a strong women contingent disappointed at her inability to be there. The politics of funding seem to remain within white western hands. Still, the audience was diverse and we had interest generated that we hope will help ensure the momentum of the research continues.

Onto fiction and Something Wicked magazine from South Africa have subsequently published their inaugural anthology -- and a fine book it looks too! Editor Joe Vaz has done a fine job in assembling this impressive book, so please look to buy a copy:

Afro SF Anthology

Finally, coming full circle to another contributor to Afro SF, the South African author Sarah Lotz, I am thrilled to report that she has struck a deal with publisher Hodder and Stoughton for her book The Three just before the Frankfurt Book Fair

Sarah is an exceptionally talented writer. I am loving her pseudonymous work Death of a Saint as Lily Herne, along with her daughter Savannah, a follow up to their South African zombie novel referred to in earlier blogs Deadlands. (Sarah has another writing partnership with Louis Greenberg, with their chilling horror series, starting with The Mall. But above and beyond her obvious talent, is Sarah’s constant readiness to help other writers, including myself, in whatever way she can. Burn brightly in that literary sky, Sarah Lotz!

Nick Wood
Sep/Oct 2012