Nick Wood – July/August 2013

Further to my previous post on AfroSF, two interesting and further reviews of the first African writers of SF anthology:


Brittle Paper:

Also of note were three Afro SF ‘Honorable Mentions’ by Gardner Dozois in his (2012) ‘Year’s Best Science Fiction’ (30th Edition!)

Sarah LotzHome Affairs

Efe OkoguProposition 23

Nick (ahem!) WoodAzania

Another valuable, exciting and diverse anthology is well on its way to lift off, but needs some further urgent support right now, so please assist the hopefully imminent launch of the Mothership. (An anthology chock-full of leading genre writers, with a strong Afro-futurist bent, and which includes Tade Thompson from AfroSF.)

Go – Mothership – go!

Finally, but certainly far from least of all, I’m very happy to have a guest blog from the writer Michelle Murrain, talking on ‘Writing the Future of Race‘. Given it’s topicality to my line of SF in SA articles, I have included this as the latest (part 19) article, so please – go read!!

NIck Wood

(July/August 2013)