• Blog: January to July 2018

    I have ‘finished’ WATER MUST FALL, which has turned out to be almost as long as my PhD thesis (94K), so a respectable size, without being overwhelming. Now the edits, though, and trying to whip it into a shape good enough to find a publisher. One of the most difficult parts of the whole writing ...
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  • SF in SA (29) March 2018: Sticks and Stones

    The Sticks and Stones of Becoming ‘Disabled’ by Nick Wood ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones,… But names will never harm me.’ Rhymes and resonances: This traditional English children’s rhyme, used down the ages as a retort to disempower playground name-calling, was apparently first coined by William Kinglakee (1809-1891). In his book EOTHEN(1844), Kinglake actually referred ...
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