Nick Wood – June 2008

Moving on from the musical mention last month - Toumani Diabate, I was again fortunate to witness and hear some wonderful African music again - this time it was the son of the late great Ali Farka Toure - Vieux. Hearing his guitar play, it made me realise the father does indeed live on through the son - albeit in a unique and altered way, through the inimitable style and interpretation of his son:

And so we survive - our music, stories, dance and genes - transmuted for new generations; mixed and stirred too, as people, cultures and 'places' collide together in an increasingly mobile world. Lots still to look forward to then, despite the planet facing an ecological crisis…And talking of future near-possibilities for the planet, Interzone have just published their Mundane SF issue - science fiction addressing the imminent issues of the near-future:

In July/August, Escape Velocity is due to publish their 4th issue; for which I've written an article entitled: Right and Wrong Stuff: Psychological Factors in Space Flight.'The title itself is self-explanatory - I'm looking at psychological issues involved in space travel, both past, current and what may be important in the future too, if crewed missions to Mars are pursued. I have had some very helpful input from Prof. Al Harrison, who has written the book Spacefaring

The e-versions of Escape Velocity should still be free in July, despite the rising costs of just about everything else:
So, in the interim – happy reading, listening and dancing.

Nick Wood - June 2008.